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Your Body Is Designed to Heal.

Need a tune-up? A transformation? Something in-between?
Exhale. You’ve come to the right place.

What is Traditional Naturopathy?

Traditional Naturopathy combines the ancient and modern sciences of holistic wellness, based on balance of all the systems both within the body as well as between the body and the external environment. Naturopathy works with the laws of nature regarding nutrition, environment, detoxification, sleep, energy, water, and the psyche - to restore and maintain optimal wellness and vitality.

Why Traditional Naturopathy?

We live in a toxic world: deficient and contaminated food and water, sleep-disruptors, chemical poisons, man-made electromagnetic radiation, social alienation, emotional wounding and spiritual disconnection.

Our bodies are energetic hubs - we receive and transmit energy in every inch of our body. It’s easy for the human “battery” to grow weak in the face of all these modern threats to our health, to get out of balance and create space for pain and pathologies to develop.

Is This Going to Be Weird?

No more weird than talking with a trusted friend or advisor in a comforting environment. You will be warmly received by our Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and invited to sit in a rocking chair, share your concerns and probably laugh a lot!

Each visit will provide a realistic roadmap toward greater wellness, strength and vitality (and you get to keep your clothes ON!). By the way, we serve humans of all ages, including children and teens. Virtual visits are welcome.

Your first visit will be about two hours long, and will involve lots of nosy questions so that you and your doctor can navigate your wellness journey in the most informed and holistic way possible. Follow up visits, if appropriate, are typically one hour long. You're welcome in person at our Leesburg, Va office, near downtown on Old Waterford Rd, or for a virtual visit.

How Do I Get Started?

We make scheduling your visit easy with online booking and payment. Visit our Book A Visit page to see pricing, our convenient hours, and book your visit online.